All About Local Nutrition Bars!

“It’s Not Just a BAR, It’s A Lifestyle”

Owner & Founder Meghan Roth

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“Who knew healthy & convenience could taste so good”

That is why I created my Local Nutrition Bars… the need for it to fit into my own lifestyle and share it with the world! Clean and healthy nutrition is hard to find, especially when trying to balance it into your everyday busy life! I created the Local Nutrition Bars and it has forever changed my lifestyle and life for the better! Let my Local Nutrition Bars change you and help bring a healthy meal replacement option into the convenience of your lifestyle! This is why I love my Local Nutrition Bars! “It’s not just a bar, it’s a lifestyle!”

What is my pursuit…

My Local Nutrition Bars are bringing the convenience of healthy nutrition into the convenience of your lifestyle! Local Nutrition Bars are a high grass fed whey protein, meal replacement bar made with gluten free ingredients that are all natural, nothing artificial and mostly organic!

My Local Nutrition Bars are a healthy, convenient meal option on the go that taste delicious! Good nutrition is important for everyone! They were created for anyone looking for good nutrition in a busy, on the go, active, healthy lifestyle!

My Story

Being a competitive runner  that loves healthy food and is always on the go, I needed proper nutrition to balance my workouts, lifestyle, energy, health, and every other aspect of my life. This is how my Local Nutrition bars were created! I had created many different recipes over the years, trying to find bars and foods that fit into my lifestyle. This formulation I instantly fell in love with! Not only the flavor and texture of it, but how healthy it is too! High protein and healthy fats with relatively lower carbs and sugar!


“It’s not just a BAR, It’s a lifestyle”